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Mono's Self-Help Center & Family Law Facilitator Attorney

Services Provided:

Self-help and family law assistance are provided at the Mammoth Lakes branch of the court. The days and times that an attorney is available to provide self-help and family law assistance changes from time to time. 

More information including current available days and times

Free Parent Legal Assistance on Tuesdays

Asistencia Legal Gratis para Padres los Martes

Information Regarding Complaints:

Visiting the Family Law Facilitator Attorney

A Family Law Facilitator is an attorney appointed by the court to assist parents in resolving child support and health insurance issues that arise when parents separate. Although the Facilitator can help everyone, priority is given to those parents who cannot afford to hire an attorney. If the Facilitator has time, they can help with other family law problems the parents may have.

The Facilitator CAN: explain the court process to you, mediate disputes about child custody and spousal support, step parent adoptions, guardianships, name changes, help you prepare for court, refer you to the Family Support Division and other community resources, answer other family law questions that you may have and provide you with information on how to handle the important issues of child support, spousal support, paternity, custody and visitation.

The Facilitator CANNOT: represent you in court or give you legal advice regarding your particular case.

For your meeting with the Facilitator, you must bring:

  • A copy of any court documents relating to your case
  • Income and expense information
  • Your last three paycheck stubs, or AFDC invoice
  • A copy of your last tax return

Upon arrival, you will be asked to fill out an Intake Form. If you need to fill out forms to proceed with your case, you may obtain these from the Facilitator. The Facilitator has instructional material that will show you how to fill out these forms.

If you need legal advice, the Facilitator will assist you in finding an attorney to help you.

Contact Information

Mono Legal Self-Help Center
100 Thompsons Way
Mammoth Lakes, CA 93546

To make an appointment or questions, please call the number below Monday through Friday from 9am to 4pm.

Phone: (760) 923-2314