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- REQUEST A FINE REDUCTION ONLINE for your eligible infraction offense (including most traffic tickets). 



Collections facilitates payment of delinquent fines and fees for Mono County Superior Court. Fines and fees may be related to infractions or traffic matters.

Pay Now

When your case becomes delinquent, it will be referred to the court's outside collection agency, AllianceOne Inc. The court will no longer accept payment on a case sent to collections.   Contact AllianceOne Inc. directly at (877) 541-8420. 

If you enter into a payment plan with the court's outside collection agency, the court considers that agreement as a plea of guilt and a waiver to further adjudication.

If you FAILED TO APPEAR on your court date and would like to contest the violation(s), you may contact the court to have your opportunity to contest the violation(s).  (760) 924-5444 Monday thru Friday 9am to 12 noon PST, or email