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Telephonic Appearances - "Court Calls"

Pursuant to Rule 3 .670 of the California Rules of Court (CRC), the following information is provided to explain how parties can appear by telephone in civil cases as defined in CRC 1.6, unlawful detainers and probate proceedings. “Parties” are any persons “appearing in an action.” See CRC 1 .6 (15) for a detailed explanation of who are “parties.”

  1. A party may appear by telephone for all case conferences, hearings and other proceedings as set forth in section (c) of CRC 3.670 unless a personal appearance is required by law pursuant to CRC 3.670 (e) or by the discretion of the court pursuant to CRC 3.670 (f) or (g).
  2. To appear by telephone, a party must provide proper notice to the court and to all other parties, at least two (2) days before the appearance as set forth CRC 3.670 (h).
  3. The court has designated the following private vendor to coordinate and provide telephonic appearances:
    6383 Arizona Circle
    Los Angeles, CA 90045
    (888) 882-COURT (888-882-6878)
  4. COURTCALL, LLC, shall charge parties for its usual and customary fees for coordinating and providing telephonic appearances.
  5. Any questions regarding telephonic appearances, call the Mono County Superior Court Clerk's Office at (760) 924-5444.

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