Fax Filing

Mono County Superior Court accepts fax filings for civil, family law and probate cases as allowed by California Rules of Court.  Our fax number is (760) 924-5419.  Below is important information regarding fax filing with our court.

  1. There are fees calculated for fax filings and there may be an additional filing fee based on the type of legal document being filed. 
    1. Calculated fax filing fees
      1. $1 per page fee; and
      2. minimum $3.50 for fax filing. However, if the total of other fees exceed $60, the fax filing fee may be more. 
      3. $3 for fax back fee (we fax back conformed face pages of each document filed)
      4. additional filing fees if appropriate
    2. Examples of additional fees based on the document filed are
      1. fee for Stipulation & Orders (currently $20)
      2. ex parte applications and motions (currently $60)
      3. for all other civil document filing fees please use this link for a current copy of the Statewide Civil Fee Schedule
  2. Facsimile Transmission Cover Sheet is mandatory with all fax filings (Judicial Council Form MC-005)
  3. Documents submitted for filing must be legible and in proper format
  4. Documents received on or before 4:00 PM on a court business day are file stamped with the court date they are received
  5. We accept Visa and MasterCard only; the credit card number used must match the address used on the cover sheet